Common Cents Kids


At Common Cents Kids (CCK) we help students become financially capable adults who know how to communicate well.


Our after school programs and curriculums teach practical knowledge in social skills and finance using real life examples, time-tested techniques, and research. We give our students the tools and practice they need to enhance their ability to connect with others and achieve both financial understanding and academic success. 


Traditional money programs teach kids to blindly chase money using simple shortcuts and formulas. At CCK we challenge our students by breaking down advanced financial principles into fun and immersive activities so they can deduce on their own the concepts that financial advice is built upon. We provide an in-depth understanding of finance that is crucial to survival in the adult world.

We also help students develop advanced communication techniques and a deep understanding of the human psyche so they can have a positive impact on their relationships. We don't just talk about what good communication is. We teach them how to do it and why the techniques work. We cover topics in the areas of self-awareness, social awareness, problem identification and situation analysis, self-management, and relationship management. The ability to quickly connect and communicate with others is critical to healthy personal and professional relationships. 

Our Curriculum

Here is a partial list of topics we explore:

Social Skills

  • understanding body language
  • how to handle difficult people
  • identifying emotions and building emotional vocabulary
  • how to develop empathy and rapport
  • how to listen
  • how to handle criticism


Real life examples from the news and history (such as the 2008 crash and the petrodollar) are used in order to illustrate points:

  • barter system 
  • how money affects society
  • currency creation 
  • passive income versus active income
  • investment vehicles
  • inflation, deflation, supply and demand
  • the role of insurance in personal finance
  • the basics: needs vs wants, savings, budgeting, shopping math, etc...